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Embedded software engineering

In the world of embedded devices the software side is becoming a real differentiator, and not just an afterthought of the hardware development. We provide talented embedded software engineers for your embedded projects, so the software part of your device is on par with the quality of your hardware. Partnering with Qteal embedded software brings valuable expertise to your projects that is maybe not readily available inside your own team.
Next to embedded developers, we also bring a number of expertise areas like software quality management and continuous integration into your projects, to give you the peace of mind that your device is equipped with reliable and robust software, that can be deployed at any time.

Taking responsibility 

Software is our core business, and we continuously work to improve efficiency and quality. That is why we like to take it further than just providing manpower. If you are comfortable with it, we will take responsibility for the software on your device. We will set up a skilled team, equipped with all the necessary tooling, and work closely with you in a 'Fixed Agile' methodology. Agile has proven over and over, when executed correctly, to provide the best value on investment because the focus is on continuously producing working software and short feedback cycles. The fixed part comes into play to mitigate the risk of an agile team not being focused on the end-result and budget, because of a mindset of welcoming change gone too far. Fixed agile fits very well with our teal way of doing business. As a customer you will experience a collaboration model of working, in stead of a conflict model that is seen so often in software projects.


bringing it to the server


the world is bigger than embedded

Embedded devices are rapidly becoming more and more intelligent and autonomous, think about autonomous driving for example, or bionic devices. There are however lots of use cases where the power of what embedded devices can do for us, is multiplied when they are connected to servers, cloud or private. Qteal is bringing together the worlds of embedded software and server/application software together. We have embedded developers and business software developers working under one roof, and they are time and again discovering from each wonderful things that can be achieved by linking these two worlds together.