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The citizen developer is back

There was a time, just after the animals stopped talking, when non IT-people, the so-called Citizen Developers used to develop their own applications with tools like dBase or Access. Some very nice applications came out of this movement because these applications were build by the people who were also going to use it, and they fully understood the business. And it a lot of cases the cost of developing applications was a lot lower because these Citizen Developers just build what really need, and no more. A well designed application is not an application where there is nothing more to add, but where there is nothing more that can be taken out.

At some point however these applications were banned, rightfully for that matter, by IT departments, because in a lot of cases they were not secure, hard to maintain and hard to integrate in the whole IT-infrastructure.

We believe is bringing back the era of the citizen developer, while at the same time keeping the IT-department happy.


let's talk

  • Qteal is using Salesforce / for all aspects of it's own business, and have assisted customers in their implementations, combining our experience in business processes and our technical IT-knowledge. We would love to hear about your plans with There is a good possibility we can bring real value to your project, and for sure we can learn from what you are doing or planning.
  • Because of our technical knowledge we can go much further than just implementing and configuring Salesforce / We are able to develop custom components you can use in your projects, we can develop applications outside of with very specific needs, and still integrate them with, or integrate already existing applications into
    Where your citizen developers meet their limits, we can take it further.