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IoT servers & WEB Applications

IoT Servers are not your plain vanilla servers, as you know them in business software servers, or web-application servers (although they are perfectly usable for these purposes). IoT Servers are more like large telephone exchange servers if you think about it. They need to be able to handle large numbers of parallel communications, a problem in 1 conversation should never impact the whole system but the problem should always be contained to this 1 problematic conversation. They need to be very robust and can never go down, even for maintenance, and should be ready for explosions in number of connections and traffic.


Web Applications : Javascript & nodejs.

There is a big difference between websites and web applications. For building web applications Javascript is the lingua franca and one of the most popular languages in the world. Thanks to its enormous popularity, Javascript has a vast number of libraries, on the client and on the server, for building complex web-applications.
On the server, we basically use different technologies, depending on the situation.

  • NodeJS using the high performance Google Chrome Javascript Engine allowing us to develop client and server both in Javascript. Thanks to the concurrent programming model of NodeJS, it is great for resource efficient servers.
  • We really like as a platform, because it provides a care free secure and scalable server platform, provided by one of the largest cloud providers in the world. Especially if you are already using the SalesForce or platform for other purposes, this possibility is worth investigating.
  • And of course, for larger projects and when it makes sense, a mix of these technologies could be the way to go.