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Always start with Why.

There is a saying that when you start a company, you need to have an urge to change the world, or at least make a dent in the universe. Our urge is to make working places better places. Places where people love to come and be creative in a meaningful way. The 'Reinventing Organisations' book from Frederic Laloux, was to us the confirmation that it is possible and be successful while doing so. It also gave us confirmation that to do this we as people don't have to change, but that there are lot of systems that need to be fixed, because these broken systems are standing in our way.

The basic principles of a teal organisation:

  • Self steering teams : let people organise themselves, and give them the means to do so.
  • Wholeness : work is a place where you need to be able to be yourself. How crazy is it that you have to behave differently, and not as who you really are, while you are working.
  • Evolutionary goals : Always try to find real meaning in what you do, and let it evolve. One example to think about: Accept that profit is not a meaningful goal for most people, but a consequence.

the teal way of working...

... is believing that working should be fun and full of interesting challenges. It is not for people who like to be told every day exactly what to do, and how to do. It is for people who like to try and learn, who like to take responsibility, and who feel pride in knowing that what they are doing is meaningful. And knowing that they always do what is best for their customer.

In the 'Reinventing Organisations' book from Frederic Laloux there are examples of teal companies,  that have successfully escaped the 'rat race' way of working, where the 'co-' in co-workers does not stand for competition for the top, but collaboration to achieve something meaningful. Our dream is to be an example in one of the next revisions of the book.

Working in the teal way is also different for the 'bosses'. The traditional boss is more of a shepherd who is telling his sheep, with the help of his dogs, to do exactly what he wants. The teal 'boss' is a beekeeper, who only creates the ideal conditions for the bees, and trusts the bees to organise themselves. A word of caution however, mind yourself for the bee shepherds...

We strive to be a beekeeper kind of company, where we experiment with systems where our co-workers can organise themselves to do their best work, and deliver this experience also to our customers in a better service by happier people.
A teal beekeeper company absolutely does not mean anarchy. A beehive is very well structured. A teal company also needs structure and good systems to function. The big difference is in how this structure and their supporting systems emerge, and how people take responsibility in their different roles.

We continuously develop and improve our systems to achieve this goal, and develop automated systems that provide people with all the information and tools to organise themselves.