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affordable quality

Do you know the feeling? The feeling of proudness when you know that what you have made is a quality product. The peace of mind that you are giving a piece of real craftsmanship to your customers. We love that feeling, because it makes us happy, and we believe most people will agree.
Sadly enough a lot of people stop caring about quality, because they believe quality is expensive, that it is a cost, and that it will make their product too expensive.

Quality is not a cost, it is a value.

A lot of consumers, probably also yourself, are willing to pay a bit more for good quality. I'm sure you are able to name a number of very successful brands who have found their key to success in making their quality affordable.
In line with our mission we don't think that people need to be fixed to deliver better quality, but that we need to fix the systems that stop us from creating quality. We believe that if we are able to fix the systems, it will make people happier to create exceptional products.

focus - Automate - agile

If we talk about fixing systems in the area of software development, there is a lot that can be done.

We are mainly working in the following area's:



It seems so obvious, but key in affordable software quality is focusing efforts and budget on things that really matter. You would be surprised how much effort is spend on things that are not important to whom it is important for : your customers.

We bring your technical people together with people from the business world, to create a mapping between where technical people estimate the highest likelihood of things going wrong, and business people to estimate the impact on the customers of things going wrong. Done in the right way it gives you a clear roadmap on where to focus your quality efforts and the right strategies to implement.

Sounds simple? Well....



Go ahead, do the exercise, or invite us to do the exercise with you: How many activities in your software development process are manual processes? And when you look closer, how many of them are also repetitive (boring?).
There is nothing more expensive in our world than paying people to do repetitive manual work, and there is hardly anything more demotivating for good people.
With software becoming increasingly intelligent there are a lot of opportunities to automate, and give your people more meaningful work, like supporting your customers.

We have found a number of real opportunities to automate in software development and quality efforts, giving people room to be what they are best in, to be creative. 


Agile / scrum

You might be wondering what Agile & SCRUM are doing on a page about affordable quality.
We think it is perfectly at home here. SCRUM seems simple, but it very hard to do it right.
But when you do it right it makes development teams much happier, and you will be amazed by what they can achieve in terms of features and quality.

When you do it right...

Agile tooling

Agile projects have some unique challenges and benefit heavily from tools that are well adapted to this way of working.
You need to give your agile teams the tools to capture and organise the backlog, to communicate as a team, to continuously deliver software as required by SCRUM, to efficiently organise regression testing when delivering a product increment.

A good team will be great team if you let them choose the tools they will love to work with.